UFO / SPACE / ALIEN Sound Design Patches

I tried to recreate some UFO fx with Vital, here are the first 3 pacthes: :alien::flying_saucer::notes:

UFO Riser Pad 2.0.vital (2.1 MB) UFO Random Atmo.vital (3.1 MB) ufo riser pad.vital (3.2 MB)

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tought the ufos need some beeping and changed the filters to digital, because most ufos have computers.

Added some background sounds, maybe it´s a bit to much but i think i keept the basic sound of your patch. Let me know if you like it.

UFO Riser Pad 2.0.5.vital (722.7 KB):ringer_planet::night_with_stars::flying_saucer: :alien::robot::loud_sound::notes:

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Yeah @vcvr, that is a great idea, now is more “robotic” and less “organic” but sounds very good! Maybe that was just what was missing!

I’m Richard Devine fan!!! I’m very interesting in this type of sound design and then there is always something to learn

It would be great if you add patches here when creating a UFO fx :flying_saucer::raised_hands:t2::pray:t2:

Thanks for your time here! :pray:t2:

nice to hear you like it.

didn´t know richard devine, like his come to daddy remix, though i wouldn´t have regcognized the original.

i will try to make some lazers, teleporters and stuff. Can you try to make a darker/evil version of the ufo riser pad 2.0?


Lazer short.vital (497.1 KB) Lazer long.vital (497.1 KB) Lazer heavy.vital (497.1 KB) made some Lazers. started from BenKei´s Echo Bleep 2. Not completly satisfied but it´s a good beginning.:robot:

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maybe I would lower the noise or I would map the volume with a stereo lfo to give them more dynamism, but nice sounds

I try to make a dark version of ufo riser pad 2.0:
UFO Riser Pad 3.0.vital (2.1 MB)

I added some monster / alien sounds made with an interesting wavetable I created. maybe the drone effect is excessive but in my case in a nightpsy mix it sounds good.

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could work weeks with a single pad from you.

resynthesized Ufo pad 2 to wt and edited it a bit, ended with this preset:

Ecto Ufo 373.13C.vital (611.6 KB)

Don´t know what ecto is, named it like your wavetable.
preset sounds not so much like Ufo, but it´s a very strange world of sounds. :robot:
i like it a lot, fascinating what´s possible with vital on just a single osc.:flying_saucer:


@vcvr check this Hyperspace Riser Pad.vital (651.1 KB)

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