Two new Tracks where VITAl is the only Synth

Just want to share two new tracks which I have finished with VITAL as the only Synth.
Both tracks use lot’s of outboard FX along a considerable number of VITALs: mostly Bitwig and MeldaProduction

Hope both tracks can transport a bit the melancholy that I want to put into them, the melancholy of me looking at a mad world…

If you like drop me a note and tell me what you think about the tracks. Any comment welcome, be it mixing, composition, anything you like…

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I ΔM NOMΔD: Nice track. The instruments sound good, clear and varied. It sounds slightly quiet to me.
IT’S MORE - IT HURTS: Nice intro. I’m not a fan of distortion, but on the track it fits. Again, the instrument sounds are good. Vital definitely delivers.

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Thanks for your feedback @peteracuthbert01. :+1:

About the slightly quiet first track. I always tended to overdoe the compression/loudness thing killing all the dynamics… so this one has obviously too less compression… sigh. It’s really so hard for me to get the right level. I try to do an update.

And yes - Vital definitely deliver! I mean think again: It’s a free synth! I started to “take it for granted” … no, it isn’t. Kudos and a whole lot of admiration go out to @Tytel with each and every track!