Two folders missing from preset browser (and a easy fix)

For the standalone version on Windows 10, I initially saw 10 folders in the preset browser. But if I looked in Windows Explorer, I could see 12 folders.

The two folders missing from the preset browser were “Level 8” and “Unsystematic Fragmentation.” The folders that were showing up in the preset browser contained (on Windows Explorer) a subfolder “Presets.” The two that didn’t appear had the subfolder “Factory Presets.”

So all I had to do for the Level 8 and Unsystematic Fragmentation folders was create a “Presets” subfolder (on Windows Explorer); move the “Factory Presets” subfolder into it (again on Windows Explorer): and start Vital. Then I could see and use all 12 folders in the preset browser.

I presume this is a bug that can be easily fixed in an update. But for now, I’d say this is an easy workaround. :smiley:


Likewise, if you create your own folder (for example, “My Presets”) to export to and load from, the files will only show up in the preset browser if they’re in a “Presets” subfolder.

That’s strange, I was one of the early buyers of plus and I didn’t have this problem. I am also on Windows and the two folders you mentioned already have properly named subfolders of “Presets” rather than “Factory Presets”. Out of curiosity, what version of Vital did you buy?

I have the free version. (I should have mentioned that initially.)

I just subbed, and those 2 folders of presets are also missing . Will try the fix, thanks. (just renamed ‘factory presets’ to just ‘presets’) Worked fine, ty

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Just the same on mac working with reason 10, vital working but no wavetables, neither presets.
But I can draw… :grin::grin: