Tutorial: Synthesizer sound design


does someone know a good tutorial(series) on sound design? It (does not have to be in vital, but should not be hard to transfer to vital.
In particular how to get the starting points for typical leads/pads/bass etc. And from that point breach out to more specific sounds.

I would love to make my own sounds but most tutorials i saw are for 1 specific sound or just introduce how to use the individual components.


In my experience sound design is something you just have to dive-in and explore yourself! There are plenty tutorials all over YouTube on “How to make sound X” but they are never as intuitive as just twisting random knobs within the synth itself to explore the possibilities!

In addition, take into account the context of any sounds you are working on in relation to the track as a whole, think about the atmosphere you want to crease and be especially mindful of how the different sound elements interact with each other,. Be prepared to spend a lot of time refining your sound.

I had the same problem - my prior level of knowledge was how to get into the preset browser :roll_eyes: Although there are many videos available, a lot of presenters assume a level of knowledge I don’t have or flash about the screen so fast without explaining what they’re doing, or telling you in a language that might as well be Martian. I would recommend you check out In The Mix’s Youtube channel. He did two videos about a year ago, one called Sound Design and Synth Fundamentals and a second called Advanced Sound Design and Synths Tutorial. If you get along with those you could watch other videos he has done on designing specific sounds and then his very comprehensive Vital tutorial.

I have no affiliation with the gentleman who does the videos (I believe his name is Michael?), but he explains everything in a measured articulate way that I personally found easy to follow.

Once you’ve got this under your belt other videos should be a bit easier to comprehend :crossed_fingers: