Turn an LFO on and off with automation

Made a long foghorn drone thing. Want to turn on an LFO half way through - after half a bar or so. Can’t seem to see a “LFO 1 - Bypass” or similar, what’s the easiest way to do this please?

The delay knob should help

Delay knob will be easiest, but depending on what you are going for you can also try:

You can set up a macro to control the modulation amount and map it with automation in your DAW

You can create the LFO shape you want over time and leave the first part flat (no modulation), like if you wanted the effect to come in say 2 bars late, make an LFO for 4 bars with the second half in your desired shape.

Finally, you can freeze the LFO and map a macro to the LFO phase for fun automation

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