Tube Distortion Effect?

I’ve just recently started using Vital in favour of NI Massive, and I was wondering if there was a way to (re)create the ‘Tube’ distortion effects found in Massive (‘Classic Tube’, ‘Tele Tube’, ‘Brauner Tube’) in Vital?


use some vst tube?

Thanks! So, to clarify, it can’t be done within Vital - only via an external plugin?

maybe you can recreate it somehow,

but for what reason when you can easily use a vst?

some use the inbuild fx from a synth only for a quick “sketch”, and then use vst for fine tuning, you have much more possibilities.

The reason is that some of my synths use the tube effect followed by several other filters built into Massive. I can save the synth as a single file and then use it out-of-the-box.

If I use an external plugin to recreate the tube effect, I not only have to use additional plugins/VSTs to recreate the effects that come after the tube effect, but there’s also no guarantee I can recreate the same desired tube sound I got from Massive. So now the resulting synth is no longer self-contained, sounds different, and is not as straightforward to use.

It’s OK if Vital doesn’t support it - I’ll work around it (although it would be great if it could support it in future!). I just wanted to confirm that I hadn’t missed something obvious.


yes it´s more complicated, but you can´t have everything :nerd_face:

i´m sure there will be great updates in the future!