Trying to buy Vital, and can't

Trying to buy Vital and can’t, even though others have been able to.
It’s the 24th for most of us outside the US, but the buy buttons aren’t working.
Anyone have any idea when we’re gonna be able to buy Vital ?

Yeah it’s still early morning in the US. The others you mentioned had a window of opportunity to download, some promo on YouTube I think. The window was closed.

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We’re all in the same boat. There’s already a thread about this titled “Can’t Download Vital”. The people who already have it are either beta testers or the ones who got in on the early release deal.

You aren’t clicking hard enough


You clearly don’t want it enough :sweat_smile:

It’s not out yet, I’d wager another 6 hours or so before it goes live. Where’s the fun for Matt spending 3 years developing a synth and not being able to witness the server crashes in real time due to it’s popularity :smiley:


Well, I went and grabbed an update of Surge in the hope it will distract me, but
the fact I’m back here again proves there were some holes in my plan

Create an account, download from your account and then maybe some magic will happen …

I have an account but still can’t get it

It’s not online yet apparently.
I already have an account. That’s how I’m able to post in this forum =)

I t is online but i’m still having a problem

There was and possibly still is a problem paying with a PayPal account. Have you tried using a credit card instead?

I got it last night. Paid with card. No issues. For me this post can be marked resolved =)