Trumpet sound wavetable import won't work in Vital

Can someone please explain how I could import a short trumpet sound as a wavetable sound into Vital?
I only get a very crappy sound as a result when I try it.
The sample is a high quality .wav sound. It’s in G4 sharp I believe and it is 300 ms long.
I have taken it from a library but unfortunately I cannot upload it here because I am a new user.

So I uploaded it here:

Please tell me step by step how you made it if you get better results that come close to the sample sound. I can’t get this to work.

Drag it onto the wavetable on the “Pitch Splice” option. Got a decent wavetable out of it.

It worked. Thanks.
I guess I’d still have to shape the volume envelope and the speed in the LFO for the wavetable positions being run through.
Can I get even better results if I type in the pitch manually and how would I do that in Vital?

Click on the pencil on the wavetable, in the window size type the note in.

Alright. I’ll try that.

Typed in G#4 and got good results for my new trumpet sound wavetable. Thanks again.