"True" legato functionality

Currently, the way Vital handles legato is if a voice is triggered while another voice is active, it will treat these two as the same voice for the purposes of articulation.

What I’d like is an option (if not the default) to process legato ONLY if a voice is triggered while another note is HELD, regardless of active voices. Currently, any voice with a nonzero release tail can “catch” a subsequent note in its legato if the release tail has not completed when the subsequent note is triggered; what I am proposing is that if I press and release one key, and then press another key, a new voice is started WITHOUT legato, even if the first note’s release tail is active.

My pitch is this: make this the behavior of the synth if Legato is enabled and the voice count is >1, because currently Legato just doesn’t do anything in that circumstance anyway. That way the synth can “hold” the first voice if a second one is triggered independently (from a CPU perspective) and just manually do voice/articulation stealing if the second note-on occurs before the first note-off.


You are absolutely right

nice catch!

it would be nice to know what the developer thinks of anything anybody says in the forum though.