Trouble Updating Vital

I read through the forums and can’t find an answer for this, but i have an issue updating. I have version 1.0.3 and I am trying to update to 1.0.7 or the early access 1.5.1, I downloaded the installer and installed the standalone and VST version, I installed it to the same folder my current one is installed to, but when i open fl studio and click the vital icon, it still says 1.0.3 and theres no new features showing, but if i launch the standalone app it has the new features and says the correct version. ive checked my plugin manager in fl and only one vital file shows up, buts its the same 1.0.3 version. any help would be appreciated.

Do you have auto update enabled?

the “check for updates” thing when you click the vital logo?

found the issue, there was 2 vital folders and i was installing it into the wrong one it seems.