Trouble opening vital in my DAW

For some reason vital isn’t in my plugin database on FL. Not sure if I installed wrong, but I could really use some help.

The installer asks for a VST destination folder, copy this folder and add it under Options -> Manage plugins -> Plugin search paths, then click ‘Find more plugins’

You will find Vital via Channel rack -> Insert/Replace/+ -> More plugins… by typing ‘vital’

Update, I’ve found vital but it won’t open as a track or when I try to open it in a channel. And the app on its own works but I can’t legitimately save my presets to my computer or open it and actually use my sounds in the program so at the moment it’s virtually useless. It’s just under the plug-in database. When i drag it to a track it tries to open then disappears, when I try to connect it to a specific channel it just opens on its own, not linked to anything. This is a headache.

I don’t follow what you mean by copy and add it under options. Like right click and copy it? And which options. Like in my daw or just on my computer in files because I can’t even find an options tab in my files and this is confusing me too much.

I cannot open it from my channel rack at all even after following the instructions piece by piece. I literally uninstalled and reinstalled just to make sure i did it right. Did everything the exact same as my friend did and it worked for him just fine. This is ridiculous.

I can find it in manage plugins, but when I go to insert it from the channel rack and click more plugins, it’s not there. This makes no sense to me at all whatsoever.

Well, you were talking about the plugin database within FL Studio. So I thought, you have a basic knowledge of how to install plugins in FL Studio and what the plugin manager is. I recommend to read the online manual at the Image Line website first. There is really nothing special about the installation of Vital.
Vital works absolutely flawlessly in FL Studio.