Triggering ADSR

Hello! Please tell me how to randomly make a note trigger from the module so that the entire ADSR envelope would play out, and not just Sustain

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I’d like to know this as well. Using this we could make wind chimes or bells to go off randomly. I tried doing this by putting random on an LFO with a spikey graph but the random goes from forwards to reverse so it’s a mixture of bell sounds and reverse sounds. Please add this feature to randomly trigger the ADSR or tell us how we can do this with the current version?

Hi @webdisweb and @echyrek.
Apologies, but I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re asking (and I’m not a sound designer) so perhaps others may be able to answer your question more directly.
However I just wanted to highlight that Vital’s LFOs can run in envelope mode (i.e. no looping) so you can use these to act like a multi segment envelope generators. As an example, I used an LFO (LFO4) to add an echo effect to this patch - Saw pad with metallic echos.vital
I also recently watched @Databroth’s video that showed how complex LFO shapes can be used within the modulation matrix (modulation remap) - which looked very cool.

thank you for your response @andrew_a the echoes in Saw pad with metallic echos.vital are always the same sequence, what I want is some random triggering, just like real wind chimes.

@echyrek - ah, I understand now. I think this should be possible. I’ll have a go this evening.

@echyrek Does this get close to what you require?
Random echos.vital (320.7 KB)
I’ve made no attempt to recreate any particular sound, but rather to illustrate one method to create random ‘hits’ while holding a note.