Transpose Snap requests

It would be great if this section had a bunch of scales to pick from and a Glide setting.

Edit: I mean a Glide within the Transpose Snap, specifically for Transpose Snap (not the global Glide), sorry if I wasn’t clear (english isn’t my main language)

Glide is in the bottom right, or did you mean different glide settings, such as Portamento?

Transpose snap would be available under the osc, you just need to select your scale, or did you mean you wish there were readymade selections for scales available?

I mean a glide setting within the Transpose Snap. Just saw that Avenger2 got this feature recently and it sounds super musical, less snappy… it’s cool to have control over that

Sorry I wasn’t clear (English isn’t my main language)

Ahh no that totally makes sense, your English is great - that would be a cool feature :slight_smile:

My mistake, I just wanted to clarify incase you were just new to Vital!

I wonder if there is a way to work around this in Vital, maybe using “resynthesize preset to Wavetable” but having two of the osc do that, then moving between the osc’s with a volume macro? Not sure it would work… Might have to try

Or perhaps using and LFO with a fine grid for pitch, and having a second section in the LFO in a different scale, and using the LFO phase to go between?

Just trying to come up with ideas

I read that 10 times but that’s a bit too advanced for me I think, but this gave me the idea of applying the same LFO to Transpose Snap and to 2v Unison Detune, and some values sort of creates glides within a specific scale :))

I love Vital, even when you wish it to do something it doesn’t, it makes you come up with creative workarounds.

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