Trance gate, how? Need more gains

Hey folks. I love this synth. :slight_smile:

But I wanted to make a simple trance gate today and got stuck!

How do you guys go about to make a standard rhythmic volume gate? I cant find any usable volume knob to modulate with the lfos. Not even among the fx. Only the master volume, but I obviously want to do it before the FX! Like a sum volume knob after the oscillators, or even just on the filters, or after the filters, or as first chain in the effects. Same same. However none of that is possible it seems.

Using the osc and sample volume knobs for this is tricky or flat out impossible on layered sounds with already lots of modulation going on with their volumes from before, fm and all.

Also the distortion fx needs a volume parameter in my opinion, to compensate for the over-driven volume, especially for macros and mod-wheel transitions. The master volume I prefer staying as master volume to always be free as like a master volume fader on a mixer, and not be tied up in mod mappings. :slight_smile:

I just use LFO to Osc Level for Trance Gates. Works fine here and you can have a different Gate for each Osc. Don’t over modulate. :wink:

Haha! But cant do that when these volume knobs are used for modulating fm and such…!

I found a workaround for now: Using a high self on the eq and set it to full range. And use that as a volume knob to gate from an envelope or lfo.

I dont overdo most things, its just this one wild swell I made that has a lot going on. And I would like it to have a trance gate too, on the mod wheel. :smiley:

I know this is very easy to do in the daw, but for fun im trying to make completely self sufficient presets. :slight_smile:

Go to the Matrix, select Global and then Voice Amplitude. This will modulate the volume of all osc at once. Super handy for tremolo or trance gates.


YESS!!! Thank you so much good sir! My savior! :smiley: