Tips on mapping Minilab mkII to Vital in Bitwig?

Hello! The right-click midi assign function doesn’t work in Bitwig (4.2.5). I figured out to use the Midi CC device to control 8 parameters, but that doesn’t allow you assign the mod-wheel. I know there’s another way to do it, I’ve seen the answer posted before but I can’t find it again.

Many thanks

Mod wheel is already assigned to the mod wheel widget in the lower left of the main screen.

It isn’t for me, for some reason. I figured out it works using the Midi CC device, but I’m still hoping to be reminded of the other method I’d seen before. Doing it this way is kinda wonky, assignments will stop working randomly and then come back on.

Maybe bitwig isn’t passing modwheel midi messages to vital? I don’t know bitwig so I can’t help with that. Sounds familiar though from a few years back.