Threshold type devices and why not just add audio channels 1 and 2

I’m thinking why not allow a direct input of whatever audio is coming toward vital? it should only be an addition operation, not taking any more cpu as far as i can imagine. then later start adding changes as far as routing. if it’s just added before the fx stream, that would be interesting. also interesting to know why adding channels 1 and 2 from the front of the fx chain that Vital is hosted could be problematic or non trivial in the context of plugin technology.

also i notice there’s not really much focus on threshold type values. i only see it on the compressor as far as i can think of. (is threshold used anywhere else in Vital?) two threshold types come to mind, logarithmic (db) and linear (mono/bipolar) – however, some kind of threshold module that could be hanging out by the drag and drop modulator types and i wouldn’t mind too terribly.

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