This is amazing - thank you so much Vital devs, and great job

I am a UX / UI designer and absolutely love what you have done with this synth. I’ve been frustrated by bad / unintuitive UI in so many synths. Plus your pricing structure is great.

The more I poke around in here, the more little touches I notice and appreciate. It would take me too long to list them all – suffice it to say I can tell you put a LOT of thoughtful work into this. And it does not go unnoticed and unappreciated!

Thanks and keep up the good work!


The architecture is wonderfully in depth, the UI (notably given how in depth the arch is) is not only gorgeous, but perhaps more importantly, intuitive as all mad, and just…

My jaw is dropped.

This is the most impressive stand alone synth I’ve encountered in at least a decade and already feel more than confident in saying that of soft synths I’ve dealt with, it is by far my most favored EVER.

The whole wavetable + spectral approach to wave generation is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve encountered in some time… The fact that gets topped off with such a wonderfully modular architecture on top of that is just…
My hats off.
I’m almost without words with how impressive Vital is. (I seriously want to sort a means of just having this run as a stand alone [“firmwarish”] system.)

Friggin absolutely BRILLIANT work sir Tydel.
Wishing you and your work all the best… you deserve some sort of award (and more).

Brilliant, simply brilliant.


You realize its a single developer right tomato? A. SINGLE. REALLY BRILLIANT GUY. Mindblowing.