Thezcanon- Executive Collective (Free Vital Pack)

Only the best for you! Thezcanon Co. has had tremendous gains this fiscal year and the members of the board have chosen to let this wealth trickle down.

This free Vital preset pack contains:

25 Basses

5 Leads

5 Keys

5 Pads

5 Percs


Download here!


Amazing, thanks!

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ayy, thank you for giving the patches a shot. Let us know how you use em!

Thanks for sharing! I think “Screams of the Underlings” might keep me up at night. Super creepy ambience!

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Any demo’s of the sounds? :smiley:

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aww, thanks. that one is mad spooky, though. I imported some home recorded violins and vocals with some detune to really get that cinematic squeal.

(almost) all of the sounds used in this lil tune came from this pack

Nice one!

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Sweet, thanks for sharing!!

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