There's something wrong with how Vital standalone plays sounds (Windows)

Standalone Vital has a funny way of working When I set the tracking to max and play a patch, the patch plays with somewhat random volume. This happens on different patches. The simplest way to try it out:

  1. Make a new patch with nothing but a sine wave and an amp envelope at default settings, velocity tracking at max
  2. Fire up a midi monitor to see velocities
  3. Play repeatedly the same note, and see how the volume varies so that even sometimes a note that has slightly higher velocity than the one preceding it plays quieter

1.5.5 here, Windows 10.

Edited to clarify that this regards the standalone app on Windows.

…okay, it might not be a velocity issue after all. The standalone does weird things. Playing just a saw wave, with default amp env, no distortions, no filter, no effects, no modulations, no nothing, even velocity sensitivity, repeatedly fluctuates the sound. Different notes sound different played at the same pitch. It sounds like some phasing issue. The effect is visible on the spectrum. VST 3 plugin does not do this.

I figured this out - a midi monitor program I’ve been using had gained a midi through feature, and since standalone Vital listens automatically to all midi inputs it was getting double note on messages that layered on top of each other and produced a comb filter. Apparently the latency of that midi through isn’t stable, so it was a different comb filter every time.

I’m leaving this here for people to see should anyone run into similar problems.