There was an error open the preset

Hi, I’ve downloaded Vital 1.5.5. I bought a preset pack from in the mix.
The presets works when I run Vital stand alone, but when I open Vital in FL Studio 21 and try to open the presets I bought, this error message occurs: “There was an error open the preset. Preset was created with a newer version”.

Additional information: I first installed Vital 1.0.7 but when I saw that the preset I bought was combatible with Vital Version 1.5.5 onwards, I uninstalled 1.0.7 and installed 1.5.5 instead.

Can you please help me to solve this problem?! :slight_smile:

Sounds like version 1.0.7 vst is still installed. Uninstall, then search for vital.dll (windows) or and remove. Then reinstall 1.5.5.

Thank you so much! Problem solved! :slight_smile:

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