Theme Layout Broken - What did I change?

So I’ve been working on a theme for the first time with the newer theme editor, and I’ve changed something I shouldn’t have.

Unfortunately, this change is only visible after removing Vital from the track and reloading it. And I’m only doing so a day later. I have no idea what I would have changed to break it like this.

Any suggestions of which value or values I unintentionally messed with?

EDIT: I should also add… if I select a different theme, unload, then reload and switch to this theme, it displays fine. So it seems like some kind of ‘on load’ or initialize thing.

:flushed: sorry man no clue I tried messing around to even get mine to do the thing and no luck haha

Ty for trying!
I’ve been doing the same and I still can’t find the setting.
I think what I may have done was add a number to something that is, by default, blank.

Ngl, the extended minimal interface ain’t too bad lol