The Vital synthesizer often crash

Version: 1.0.7 DAW:FL Studio 20.8 (I’m using Windows 10)
The Vital synthesizer often crash(Not regularly),
Whether it’s VST,VST3, or a stand-alone program.
(The CPU of my computer is I5-4210U)
Do you need any more information?

The latest version of Vital for Windows is 1.0.8 so you might want to update first.

For the record I don’t see any crashes in FL Studio 20.8.3 [build 2304].

You can read the specs of your CPU here:

Why don’t I see the 1.0.8 exe download in “my product”?(I only saw version 1.0.7.)
And I turned on check for updates .But it didn’t tell me to update it.
(I am not good at English, so I used machine translation, please understand)

Now I’ve seen version 1.0.8

This issue still exists in version 1.0.8.

Under some VPN/firewall situations Vital crashes. For now you can logout and click ‘work offline’ and it should be stable.

It’s working perfectly now, thank you.

when will this be fixed?