The v1.5.5 "crash" the windows (graphics) in general at first open

I am using Windows 11 with core i5 and FL studio 21.

When a insert vital (in the DAW) and open it, the window start “crash” like show black window and parts of the interface between the black window; all in milliseconds, but if I change to other plug or window of the DAW or if I close the plug the crash stop until I open back the plug.

There is more. When I restart the OS (after open Vital or not) there is no “crash” but just if I restart the OS and no after I shut down the OS. And it is the same thing with Vital open independently.

By the way the first time I installed Vital I installed with no one of extra options (CLAP, Standalone and others) then show me the option to restart the OS, but I chose the option to restar later and restar at moment. Then I realize that I no install anything, so I reinstall with everything, but this time doesn’t show me the restart OS option and then I shut off and switch on the OS. Was in the moment that I notice the Vital “crash” at first open and then I restart the OS and realize there was no one issue (no “crash”). After that I try to reinstall Vital by overwriting Vital or deinstalling and reinstalling Vital all this to get the option to restar the OS that I got the first, but never apear after that. I was thinking that the restart OS would be one of issue, but who knows.

I hope these details help something and there would be a solution.