The noise filter from Vital is omnipresent, even when no audio is playing

So this problem just started happening where the noise filter from a preset in Vital was making noise constantly, starting even from when I opened the file in my DAW. Is there any way to fix this?

don´t know what you mean with noise filter.

do you mean SMP where the white noise is? just turn it off by click on the left side or turn volume knob down.

No, it seems as if Vital is just malfunctioning.
Here’s the scenario:
I open my DAW, Ableton, and then immediately upon loading a project, a panning white noise starts playing. It took me some time to find the culprit, Vital, and when I turned off the channel, the noise goes away. This only just started happening yesterday.
I do like the noise filter, but only when the notes are playing. What I can’t have is the noise filter playing even when the notes aren’t playing, which is what is happening.

Hi @nearandforevermusic. Just to check, if you create a fresh project and load vital, do you get this unwanted effect?
I haven’t experienced this problem myself, and I’ve not seen it mentioned on the forum before.
Hope you can resolve the issue.

Hi, @andrew_a, no, it is just happening on this one project. I don’t have that many instances of vital running in my projects, as I am still finding presets and I havent quite learned it yet. I tried updating Vital but that didn’t work. Let me know if you have any ideas, because otherwise I’ll just have to turn off vital when its not playing to get rid of the noise.

Hi @nearandforevermusic. Thanks for the reply.

Out of interest, what patch do you have loaded in Vital (is it a preset you can share here, or is it a factory preset perhaps)?

can you explain what you mean with noise filter?

there are 3 osc and 1 smp(sample player) and two filters, but filters don´t make sound as far as i know.

and when you load this project, this noise is starting without playing notes first?
So if it´s only happening on one certain project, i would think th problem is in the project.

if you use the preset in standalone, does it work like you expect?

Hi experienced something similar in one of my projects. But not related to vital. It was an instance of OTT in Ableton that caused some kind of repeating noise. Even when the DAW was not running. You might want to check if that is the case?