The LFO search bar cant be clicked


Ive never been able to get this search bar to work since i started using vital. Clicking it does nothing.
Typing does nothing. All the other search bars like for wavetables work fine.

What DAW are you using? Works here in FL Studio:


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What version are you on (click on logo in app to check)? I think this is fixed with the latest (1.0.7 or later) at

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Im on 1.0.5, so youre probably right about this. If i install this new version will it update the version i have or will i have to uninstall the old one first? Also concered about losing my patch folder

The installer doesn’t touch your preset folder so shouldn’t cause a problem. Just install right over the old version.

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Just updated, all is well and the searchbar works now. Thank you!


The issue is fixed now, but for reference my daw is FL too