The eq is not working

Hey there is this issue I’ve been having scene the release of vital.the eq is not working.the low cut on the eq isn’t working.this also happens for the filter in the reverb module.

Thanks for such a great synth

Works for me. Can you post a preset that illustrates the problem along with a description, what you would expect?

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I don’t think it will happen for everyone.
I think this bug is happening for only me cause nobody else is talking about it.
BTW I am using a pretty much potato pc.
Windows 7. And I use waveform daw.
Idk if it’s just pc or there is any problem with vital.
Anyways thank you for your reply.
I’ll upload a photo or video later so that you can understand what’s going on.

That would be great

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inb4 Don’t put the multiband compressor after the EQ?


I just noticed that it wasn’t that much of a bug it’s just the GUI bug.the GUI isn’t working for low cut filters but the filter itself is working properly.
I’ve included the video it doesn’t have audio but the filter is working properly I guess so audio doesn’t matter.

Anyways thank you so much for replying so quickly Matt and Loki.

I have the same problem too, it’s just a bug in the GUI but it’s so uncomfortable working with that, especially in me that i usually make presets for share with some friends :confused: