The Compressor, settings walk through


I have a good basic understanding of compression/expansion, but could use a clear explanation of the operations of the compressor in the Effects rack in Vital.

I’m not asking for a tutorial in compression, just a general walk through of the controls and the settings on the unit.

Like most of the instrument, the Compressor’s settings seem rather intuitive, but I’m sure I could understand it better.


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I’ll try to give you a quick rundown of the entire module (Will also be present within the manual, don’t worry!)

What do I mean with State? Basically whether the compressor is active or not, this can be done by clicking the green circle in either the module itself or within the list left of it.

Mix will allow you to blend the compressed signal with the pre-compressed signal (should be familiar with most people)

The mode button will allow you to select different configurations for the compressor consisting of:

  • Multiband (3 bands labelled LOW, BAND and HIGH)
  • Low Band (2 bands labelled LOW and BAND)
  • High Band (2 bands labelled BAND and HIGH)
  • Single Band (1 band labelled BAND)

…at the time of writing I do not know where the bands split across the frequency spectrum but that will be present within the manual.

Feedback Window
In order to change how strongly the compressors affect their targeted frequencies the window has been made interactive, you can hover over the body of either the low or high-band and click+drag to change their ratio whilst dragging the white-line shows up will allow you to adjust the threshold.

Low, Band, High
These rotary knobs located under the MODE button will allow you gain-stage each band depending on the configuration. Turning the rotary knobs left will decrease the volume going into the target band and turning it right will increase the volume going into the targeted band.

Release Attack
These are (afaik) calculated in the background and will have different results depending on their bands, hence why they are in PERCENTAGES and not MS.

I hope this somewhat helps!


That helps very much. I’ve been working with it liking it. I feel more confident after reading your reply.

No rush on OM, this may be the most intuitive instrument I’ve ever worked with (not that I have tons of experience, but I do have Omnisphere, the stock Cubase Pro 10 set and a good number of other instruments).

Again, thanks for the detailed answer. :slight_smile:

One question following this thread and concerning Compressor:

We are used to play with Ratio, Knee, etc…parameters in all Compresors. So I don’t see these commands in Vital. How can we get through this ?

Anyone here know how to get the background grid lines to display on the compressor as illustrated? Running 1.5.5. I can’t find them. I understand they assist in referencing compression ratios. Thanks!