Thank you for Linux version

Thank you very much for creating a Linux version.


Very cool option :smiley:

I need to join the love thread, so happy to have a linux version <3

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Hi,great news for used vital in gnu linux. I used it on studiomusic 64 ( remix distro based on debian buster + kx studio repository). Best regards from Naples (Italy) :grinning:


Oh yes, definitely – Thanks Matt for the Linux version!! :metal:

lv2 build needs some tweaks though, but the stand-alone works great!

Yes, it’s great! I’m using it in Bitwig on Xubuntu. Works great as a VST3.

Yes, thanks very much for a Linux version!
I haven’t had Windows on my drives for 15 years now :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for a Linux version.

I got into computer music (for want of a better term for what I do :rofl:) last April, and the more I learn the less I know I know. My current ‘gap’ was an easy-to-use Linux synth that sounded excellent, and I’ve just found it.