Text to Wavetable

Is there a specific preset I need to use to have the text to wave table to work?

No, you can start from anywhere by right clicking on the oscillator graph and choosing “Text to Wavetable.” You will need to set up an LFO (or envelope) to scan through the resulting wavetable once you’re done creating it though. The Factory/Text to Wavetable Template shows how to do that with a Saw Up

I’ve tried that, but haven’t gotten it to work yet? Tanks for the info.

Thanks for your help I got it to work.

Is it just me, or is the TTWT bugged out!!!

Did you connect the wavetable to an LFO? it wont say anything unless you do, i was also confused about that for a while :smiley:

Yeah thanks, I did, works sometimes,then drops the text, then putting up message saying used to many letters, frustrating

Ahh i see, i’m not sure.

Same, so annoying, espeacilly because of the randomness, I’m on Mac running Live 10, I think Vital, due to it’s infancy has bugs that fire up in my system

After typing a word instead convert it to wavetable got this message: Error rendering speech, Check the internet connection. I was online.

Maybe, Matt will probably hear about it soon, if so. You could tag him in a post and he might be able to help out too.

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it was doing that to me yesterday too but my internet connection was shit (i used all my high speed data for the month and it was crawling)

The TTWT function is a server-based function I believe. As time goes by and the more pressing issues are resolved, I’ll take a moment to ask about the TTWT function, and if there is a possibility of running it local (ie. No internet connectivity). Perhaps I just did ask…maybe we’ll find out more about any possibility of running TTWT without depending on a server-based function.

The reason Vital connects to the internet is to use a high quality online text to speech converter service. It’s not done inside the plugin. At least that’s the way I understand it to be.

Yeah, I’m 99% sure it uses Google