Text To Wavetable Template Customization

I like this preset and see the notes that say you can adjust the LFO & VOCODE settings. How can I change the sample so that it can say different words? This could be a lot of fun!

Right Click in the Waveform window and click Text to Wavetable. A window will pop up then type your text there and hit enter.

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I made a song with just the text-to-wavetable default lmao… its pretty funny :smiley:

When trying to change the text to speech i keep getting an error do you need to have the pro version to do this?

They should all have it, you have to be connected to the internet when you do it i believe. I havent tried using any custom texts yet. With the free version you should get 5 TTWTs a day also. I’ll go try real quick.

Hmm idk, it worked for me, are you on windows?

Nope on a mac but def connected to the internet maybe ill redownload

Good luck <3 If it doesnt fix it they should have it fixed soon i would assume. 1st day is bound to be buggy. Seems a bit moreso on Mac from what im reading.

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Nice one amigo! Thanks for the tip. Works well. Only downer is limit on the number of times you can use different text.

Creative! Can I listen to it?

Ho pagato la versione da 25 usd ma non va la funzione text to wavetable template mi dice 5 giorno ma me neanche una funziona sapete dirmi come mai e conesso a internet e tutto