Text to Wavetable Subscribe & Pro on Mac OS

Hi Vital - I’m unable to get TTWT to work. I was subscribed but then updated to Pro thinking this would work but it did not. I right click in the waveform box, select TTWT, type in a word, but the text does not appear or make a sound when playing the keys. I’m using the stand alone, but it is the same result in Cubase. I’m wondering if my licenses isn’t being activated.

I also don’t have the Text To Wavetable Template that I see in a lot of the YouTube videos.

Does it show an error?

You have to move the wavetable position around to hear the word. You can connect an LFO with the ‘Saw Up’ pattern to the wt position to move it over the word.

Also if you select ‘Vocode’ on the first knob to the right of the wavetable it will formant correct the words so it’ll sound better when you play it up and down the keyboard.

Thanks Tytel! That was it. I had set the LFO for saw up, but didn’t drag it to OSC1. Really enjoying the plugin!

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