Text to Wavetable plugin suggestion

As some other users in here already mentioned. The Text to Wavetable feature in the plugin only works when i turn off my firewall. Allowing Logic Pro X to connect to internet dosent work. I have the full version of Vital maybe it would be useful if you can make this great feature working offline. To be honest, turning off the firewall isnt a thing i like. Especially if i try out different stuff.
Mac OSX with Logic X Pro.
Thank you in advance

Since the text to wavetable feature is a pretty big one, I’m sure the firewall issue will be fixed in the coming months because it impacts the overall use of the synth. As for downloading and using offline, I’m not so sure. Speech synthesis these days is mostly done with artificial intelligence, so those models for AI can be massive on storage, and possibly heavy on CPU.

The TTWT thing is processed through a google server too, or at least that is what i heard Can you add a firewall exception for vital? I haven’t had any firewall issues with it.

I had a feeling the TTWT was through Google. And my network is pretty buffed up on protection, so I’m kind of surprised that everything worked the first time. I wonder if there are certain firewalls that just don’t like the taste of internet and are more sensitive / prone to flagging a connection.

Maybe so