Text to Wavetable: play a different text line for each note

Hello! Currently text to wavetable plays just a single line of text for each note. Is there a way to assign different words to each note on the piano roll?

Thanks a lot


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Heyo! Yes it is possible, here is a preset you can test out and look into that I made. If you need an explanation, I would be happy to give you one!
Apple Orange Pear 1.1.vital (287.2 KB)

Press C,D,E for “Apple,Orange,Pear”

LFO 1: Controls The Wavetable Frames
LFO 2: Controls The length of frames to play
LFO 3: Controls Where each note starts to play
LFO 4: Controls Where each note ends
Oct Note: Divides LFO 3 & 4 into 12 positions for notes

(Extra / Tips)

If you want to change anything in LFO 3 & 4, set the X grid to 12
Here is a clean preset template to use: Text Per Note.vital (171.2 KB) (EDITED)
Here is a random sound one I made Random Speech.vital (370.0 KB) (Press C,D,E,F,G)
Here is another cursed sound one I made RawrMeowUwU.vital (299.9 KB) (Press C,D,E)


The Text Per Note preset removed LFO 1 because it was technically unnecessary and moved the rest of the LFOs up which saves an extra LFO for your needs.