Text to Wavetable Online Only?

Hello. I got the 80 dollar version. Now do I have to be online to text to wavetable? I do not have internet connect but a few a week. I opened the hamburger to disconnect and that would work but no.

Thanks Ahead!

Yes text to wavetable is an online service. It is using the Google servers…


silly question time, I forgot how to use ttwt !!! anyone care to remind me?

just right click the oscillator wave. It’s in the context menu.

Thanks, I feel like a right dummy.lol

There aren’t any good text-to-speech services that you can build into a product unfortunately. All the best are services you need to hook into.

What is failing to function?

please disregard my post in that regard. I have it functioning consistently now, sorry for that. and thanks for the quick response.