Text to wavetable doesnt recognize my text

hello loving Vital I came across the text to wavetable feature and tried it out. worked great and now it stopped. every time i enter the text and hit enter it keeps saying “text to wave table” what am i doing wrong?

if you don’t have a license (pro or something else) you are limited to 5 text to wt conversions a day. might that be the issue?

I’ve got the same issue. An official answer would be appreciated since there is no clear statement about this on the web. If the problem is indeed the license, it should be clarified. Thanks.

it is very clear that one of the limitations in the free edition is 5 text to wavetable operations per day. i think it is on every chart that compares the versions…

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The way I wrote it, I knew someone would answer me this way. What I mean is : I didn’t manage to use it a single time, but maybe I selected it and played it without editing it several time… So it triggered the operations ? Also, there is no display of how many time we already used it, which makes difficult any kind of diagnostic.

i see. i forgot how it would work in the free mode, but i guess it just stops working once you reach 5 for the day. obvious question since this is a google service, you are online when trying, right?

Yes, absolutely :slight_smile:

Today I downloaded the program But it doesn’t work for me either and it seems strange to me that I haven’t used it 5 times, although I paid for the 25 usd

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