Text to Speech Length


I just upgraded to the Pro version so I could get unlimited Text to Speech, hoping I would be able to enter a substantial amount of text and have Vital synthesise it. However, it seems to have a shorter length than I’d hoped. Can this be increased somehow, to accommodate longer sentences or paragraphs?

Many Thanks

Sorry the limit remains a short phrase I believe. IIRC the shorter the text the more detailed/better the wave table, since it has to cram everything into a single one (meaning there’s a limited amount of samples/slices).
If you’re looking to have something vocode or otherwise read out text, I’d probably suggest another tool or plugin

The speech is made into a wavetable. I understand the length of the wavetable is about 2000 samples long. So a short phrase has more definition and a long phrase less, as it’s squashed into the same space.

Getting the envelope shape right so the words rhythmically fit the music can be really fiddly with longer phrases. So I think this best plan is to break each phrase into half bar lengths and run multiple instances of Vital for each part of the phrase. This means making the same edits to each instance, so probably better to nail the first part, then duplicate the synth and change the phrase and envelope shape accordingly.