Tempo synced ADSR

Would be nice to right click one of the ADSR knobs and have an option to choose “synced” instead of “seconds” :slight_smile: This addition would be good for translating sounds to be used in a different tempo as the original was made with. The sound would still have the same attack feel when using an arp MIDI with using a preset that was originally made for 120BPM in 150BPM, for example.

wouldn’t that more better off just using LFO tempo synced envelope?

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Yeah, but the thing is with the release :confused: Maybe if one choose a big lfo time so there’s room for the lfo to make the sound release…

If you increase the release time on env1, the LFO will handle the release completely. Just increase release env1 so that it is longer then the longest LFO release you want

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I think this works as I was thinking when asked for the feature! Thank you!