TEMPO! Change/set TEMPO for Standalone!

How does one Change The tempo of the LFO?
Or rather sync Tempo!

Midi clock. Internal etc???

BTW If i’m all wrong help me understand!


Just cycle thru; click+scroll this values (Freeze, 32/1, 16/1, 8/1 etc)

or use seconds…

Sync Tempo - easier with a DAW

ok but where do you setup the bmp?

you need to know the equation just in case the online converter goes away!

in seconds! maths
Number of seconds in a minute / (Beats per minute / Beats per measure)

60seconds ÷ ((Beats per minute / Beats per measure)

So heres a site that explains the equation https://musicinmath.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/bpm-to-seconds-equation-and-conversion-charts/
Here’s a site with a converter https://toolstud.io/music/bpm.php?bpm=60&bpm_unit=4%2F4


once you learn the equation the converter helps by expanding your mind!

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the question wasn’t “what is bpm”, the question was is it possible to setup the bpm in Vital Standalone app. In VST form inside a DAW you just setup the BPM of your Daw. And using a second based frequency is not super helpfull since you can not match some BPM with absolute precision (try 140). But mostly if you want to design sounds you want them to adapt themselves to the DAW BPM in the end. So you’ll want some/most/all your LFOs to sync with BPM anyway. But it looks like the standalone only runs at 120 BPM with no way to change it. I wish Vital dev would read this. having a way of setting up the internal clock of Vital standalone would realy be helpfull.


CC 00 to change BPM, I just seen that in my daw Jeskola Buzz

Would you know by any chance how to change bpm in Standalone aka without a DAW ?

I suppose this midi control is for the standalone version, I haven’t tested, normally control 0 is bank select, but it seems that bank select is never used by VSTi .

You have to go in Modulation matrix, select what you want as source, a macro is a good choice, and select global > beats per minutes and you control bpm in stand alone.

I created a preset you can download with a macro to speed up and one to slow down.
They are never going to be as accurate as a Daw though.
BPM Preset