Switching presets for live use

Hey there,

Just wondering if any support for switching presets via MIDI has been added or is planned?
I’ve read in another topic that Program Change messages are a bit of a mess, so haven’t been added to Vital. But having a mappable button may be an option?



I think it is still no possible. If you use a AU/VST host though you can easily switch between states that you save in the host. I play 5 Instances of Vital live on a MacMini M1 and use the fantastic Element Host. I switch Patches via Program Change…

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I use a combination of DAW (Reaper, Ableton Live, Ardour), HX Stomp, Expression Pedals and MIDI Switches both on the floor and on my guitars. I hope to simplify my rig further by running the DAW Headless with an Open Stage Control touch screen mirrored on Nreal Light Glasses so I can always see my current settings without losing audience connection by looking at the floor or the touchscreen. When I get the whole mess stable and reasonably documented I will share what I learn.

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Hey, this sounds super rad! I’d love to see your progress on this :grinning:

I’ve been looking at doing something similar - running Reaper headless to run Vital and changing patches through Reaper. Having a headless Raspberry Pi running Vital would be awesome, but I’ve just seen in the 1.5 patch notes that Vital will be dropping LV2 support :disappointed:

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Crap, I didn’t notice that. Has there been a thread discussing LV2 support that indicated Matt was headed in this direction? Anyway, I’ve been studying Reaper ReaLive but customizing the Ui using it alone seems a lot more labour-intensive than Reaper headless with OSC to create the interface. Perhaps will end up with some unholy fusion of the both of them together.

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LV2 drop does not mean that it won’t work on Linux. You can still use the Linux VST version…

You should really look into Element from kushview, it is lightweight and runs very stable on OSX, but it is cross platform…

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I found a changelog in this Reddit thread: Vital 1.5.1 Early Access (Available to PRO Owners) : VitalSynth (reddit.com)

Don’t know if this is the official changelog though?

I’ve also been looking into Live Configs for Reaper, and agree - it looks more convoluted than just setting up a bunch of custom actions and controlling them with OSC.

I believe that Linux VST’s don’t work on Raspberry Pi’s?

I’ve tried out Element in the past! I’m keeping a close eye on it. Waiting on 0.47 :slight_smile:
Are you switching patches by having multiple instances of Vital on separate graphs?
The only issue I was having with that is that the Performances Parameters are global rather than per graph: I couldn’t midi map and control the macros without altering the values on future patches in the set.

I don’t think that is true. But I could be wrong. I guess the issue is more about a compiled version for Linux arm.

I have one graph with 5 instances of vital (among other plugins) and I switch plugin states (while the same graph is running all the time)

I first tried to switch graphs, which also works but since all graphs are preloaded you quickly run out of CPU…

And you are right, modulation is global per plugin instance, but for me that is a feature, so I hope he keeps it that way. But different instances can have different modulations