Subscription vs. Pro

Dear Matt, dear all
Few synths have provoked that crave, it’s crazy. I have just checked the time difference between GMT and Boston.
I have a question regarding the different purchasing options. The difference between both models is not absolutely clear to me.

  • would I be able to get the latest content with the pro (as it is specified in the $5/month option) ?
  • would I be able to have permanently access to the full library of wavetables, lfo shapes, etc… with the subscription (as I understand is the case with the pro option).
    You all have a great day, can’t wait to be working on Vital, and active here, on “real” threads !

I’ve had the same questions. I want Maximum Vital. If it’s $80, fine. If it’s $5/month, also fine.

Maybe I need both if I want to get 400 presets and the 150 wavetables plus subscriber-only packs and first access?

Also, I already bought Plus as part of “In the Mix’s” early access… I’m hoping it’s straightforward to upgrade.

Congratulations, Matt, on making it to this momentous day! I’ve been having a blast with Vital, and it’s only going to get better from here!


Same question here!! I just got the subscription and it didn’t download with any wavetables or presets.

Matt I’ve been waiting for this synth for awhile and I am LOVING it so far!

Have you tried logging in with the standalone app?

I am signed in on the plugin itself if thats what you mean? The vital installer didn’t come with anything else

It seems like maybe Mac users are having trouble with the preset download step? This kind of thing is not entirely unexpected with a huge rollout like this. Be patient – Matt has created something amazing here – I’m sure it will all be sorted out in short order! (the presets are nice, but believe me, you’re going to want to get started on your own sound design with this fantastic tool)

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yup thats what I’ve found to be the case as well. It’s an amazing synthesizer regardless of the wavetables/presets

Same question here.
Got the subscription thinking it would come as the Pro Version but only got the free presets. Little disappointed tbh…

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Same here subscription concluded, no further presets or wavetable

I find myself asking a similar question. I would like to avail of the total Vital Audio package with all the bells & whistles. Is it Pro or is it Subscriber???