Subscription vs Pro causing confusion, sorry, other threads didnt help


so first of all, I really enjoy the interface and build of vital so huge props to the developer.
One thing really bugs me though and I cant wrap my head around it.
I want to get vital and am currently trying to fully understand the difference between the "Pro"and the “Sub” version. My aim is to get the most complete bundle that has everything I can have.
“Sub” says, you can use the money toward “Pro” so I conclude, “Pro” is the actual “full” version of the software, am I correct?

Thanks a lot and sorry for taking time away from you!


Yes. The pro is the complete pack (there are still other packs on the store you can buy in addition).

The main point of the subscription is that it’s setup so if you cancel you still keep everything, which is different from other companies where you lose access. You’re set up with some bonus ‘sub-only’ packs and can use the credit to upgrade to plus or pro or buy packs in the store. I’m also going to have other drops and perks along the way for subscribers like early access to other plugins.

Thanks a lot!
I´m gonna aim for the pro then.

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I have to admit, this confuses me too. I already bought pro - I wanted to back the Vital project as much as I could up front.

But does that mean that they’re going to be perks available to subscribers that are not available to me as a pro purchaser? To get those sub-only percs, I would want a subscription on top of my Pro purchase?

I just want all things Vital! :smiley:

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That seems to be the way. Still bugging me a bit, but it´s most likely staying pro for me because im not too inclined on a subscription service beside netflix^^