Subscription or pro?

Hi !

I didn’t really understand the difference between subcription or pro
is there any ?
which one should i pick

thanks !

There’s no difference inside of Vital; there’s no Vital PRO, only pro vital accounts.

The only things the subscription has over pro are extra presets packs and earlier access to new things.

The choice is yours, it just depends on what’s important to you.

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I came to this forum with the same question, and I’m still unclear on this: the feature comparison page shows 400+ presets and 150 wavetables for Pro, and “subscriber-only packs” for Subscription. Does that mean subscriber-only packs in addition to the 400+ presets of the Pro, or only to the 75 presets of the free version?

I might be wrong, but I think the subscription plan doesn’t get you the Pro 400+ presets.

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Do I obtain the sub presets also if I have the Pro version or do I need a sub (which gives me 5 credits per months) and could permanently unlock them with my purchases?

From what I can tell, judging by the fact that both the sub and pro versions have unique and shared perks, what you see under the plan you are deciding on is what you get, it’s not hierarchal.

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