Subscriber Presets? Discord? How to upload presets?

Hi, all!
Really excited to subscribe to the Vital synth and discord. However I can’t find the discord server, or link. Also, I cant figure out how to upload presets onto Vital- of which, on the subscriber model, there seems to be only 75. I was under the impression that subscribers get more presets than anyone?
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i’ve received confirmation that 400+150 factory preset and wavetable are not included in subscription plan,cheers.

oh wait… i forget where the link to the discord is… its somewhere in ur account page i think… i’ll get back with ya in a moment

Click on the discord icon on the homepage

First go to your account at
There is a modify link in the top right corner. click on it and you can link your discord account to the server

OH NO xDDD pay no attention to my telegram notifications LMAO


That’s too bad. Do you know how to upload presets into vital?

If you have presets downloaded put them in some folder wherever you want i guess, and you can browse for them from here. Is that what you meant?

Yeah! I just wanted to know the step-by-step process to getting presets from outside vital (made by someone) into vital.

thanks! How can I find my account number?

if you open discord, on the bottom left corner there is a settings button next to your name, click that and it’ll show your username on top, the number is right next to it :smiley:

Allright great! I linked to the discord- now what? I still cant find the group-

go to
There is a discord button on the home page

click on the discord icon and it’ll open it

I was confused too xD

I just subscribed. Really disappointed to learn that I’ll still be missing presets and wavetables.

Does anyone know where the marketplace is to buy preset packs for Vital? I’m having a hard time locating it?

I don’t think the market place is open yet but once it is you should be able to put your $5/month towards getting one of the paid versions and getting all the presets and wavetables (that’s what I’m doing).

I just purchased Pro and entered my Discord username#id and the Vital website said “Linked”, but I sadly still don’t see the Vital group in my Discord, I’ve tried refreshing it and logging out / in again too but no pickle.

@Tytel Is this currently working mate?

You have to be in the discord server to link it:

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Yeah the subscription doesn’t come with all the content. I didn’t want to give things out on loan and manage ‘returning’ presets if someone cancels a subscription.

You can however use any money you put into the subscription toward the Plus/Pro versions or any other preset packs in the store (which isn’t fully up yet). So if you subscribe for 6 months you can get Pro for $50 instead of the $80 by using the $30 credit you put into the subscription.

The benefit of having the subscription is you’ll get access to new plugins and other subscriber-only content on top of being able to use the money you spend as credit. And there’s no ‘returning’ things if you ever cancel.

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Awesome, thanks a lot Matt!