Subscribe to Own

I thought about the subscribtion but what will happend when i stop after one year .
What will i own ?

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After 12 months you will have 5*12 = 60 USD of store credit to buy more presets/wavetables/etc. Or you can use that credit to buy the Pro version (adding the 20 bucks remaining).
Also you get to keep all the subscription-only packs you got during your subscription period.

Wow, that seems pretty generous and fair.

I’ve registered for the subscription!
So where can I check for my store credit and how can I use it to buy the Pro version?
Thank you!

Credit is in your account but the store and applying it to the Pro/Plus version will take a few more days to setup. Sorry about the wait! Had to reprioritize a few to hit the launch date but should be available soon


Thank you for the reply Tytel!

OK I’m waiting for the setup and I’m going to buy the Pro version later.
Thank you so much for all your hard work!