Sub Folders for wavetables (+ more favorites)

Subfolders seems a very important feature when it comes to classify large collection of library or personal wavetables properly. Most of the wavetable synth I know has this feature, and this is pushing me to use only a few part of my wavtables library in vital instead of keeping my global wavetable organisation.

The fact that importing a folder countaining subfolder of watables display all the wavetable merged in one is very messy.

Also, I think the favorite tag is great, but it would be more useful (and actually become an amazing feature) if it was possible to have more than one favorite tag, with a rename tag possibility (like in ableton for exemple).


You can add subfolders,
Although the process isn’t officially in the synth.

All you have to do it right-click the folder you want to add a subfolder to and press ‘open file location’ then you just add the subfolder in through the file browser.

image image image image image

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No reason to have folder management in the synth. You’ve got tools in your OS for that.

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Missed that completely. Thank you for sharing how to do this. Helps big time. :slight_smile:

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Same for me I missed this ! Thank you !

Thank you for the hint @SlavaCat! I also didn’t know it was possible because none of the given presets folders have subfolders. Vital seems to be hiding some secrets.

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New Subscribers presets are in ‘Subscribers’ folder. But yeah, it took me a while to figure out that the file management is done in OS file browser.

I moved some of my folders into a root folder and VITAL doesn’t see them now. Is there a file I could delete for VITAL to rescan? (I’m on MACos)

what’s the file path?

Thanks for replying.


Then I moved the presets around in their respective folders there.

Maybe I’m missing something with file management inside of Vital?

As my Presets grow they are becoming harder and harder to navigate without putting them into sub folders etc.


should be where all the subfolders go

I’ll try soon thanks !

It’s working! I didn’t realise in the folder USER in Vital that it’s collapsed. Once I clicked on it, it showed the individual folders. Thanks !

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