'Stuttering' GUI

Hi there, I’m writing this to let you know that I am experiencing an issue in which the GUI ‘stutters’. Normally, when I launch Vital, there is no stuttering and everything is normal but after a minute or so, each time I play a note the whole GUI flashes repeatedely for the duration of the note (this can, however, occur when I add more than 2-3 effects). This can be quite irritating as I like to edit the sound whilst I am playing it. This has happened in the standalone version (using both ALSA and JACK) and when running all plugin versions in Carla. I cannot use the plugin in my DAW (Ardour) (see Vital does not load in Ardour/Mixbus on Linux) so I cannot test it there. I am running Ubuntu 20.04. Thank you for your time.

EDIT* I also thought that I should add that I use the plugin in fullscreen mode and when using it as a plugin, I use size 100%. I have two 24" monitors also, but I’m not sure this information would be of any use.

Another user cant get the plugin to run with the latest LTS Ubuntu really a shame .

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