Studio One 5 Not seeing Vital 1.5 vst

Hello all! I love Vital, perhaps more than a mortal should. I recently had an issue where I opened the stand alone version of Vital 1.5, made a patch, but could not open it in my DAW (Studio 1 Artist v5, running on Windows 10); the error message (I wish I had made a screenshot) said, effectively, the patch could not be opened because it was made in a newer version of Vital. I tried reinstalling Vital with no luck,so I completely uninstalled Vital and deleted any leftover .VST3 files, and reinstalled from scratch. The stand alone version works fine, but now my DAW won’t see the .vst3 file despite going through a few variations and levels of telling it where to look for the new plugin, and forcing it to reload all plugins. I can confirm Vtial.vst3 is where I’m telling it to look, it just won’t load into the DAW. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I have a ton of projects that use Vital and I honestly don’t know what I will do if I can’t open those instrument parts any more.