Stuck on 1.07, cannot update to latest Vital version on Windows

Hi, all. As my ticket states, I am stuck on an outdated version of Vital. I know others have had similar issues, and I have tried all of the mentioned fixes. Last resort is to uninstall Vital and install it with the latest version, but I really would rather not do that.

Has anyone else who has had this issue found a solution? Any feedback is appreciated.


What exactly do you mean by stuck

I ran the most recent version installer in order to update myself from 1.07, but after multiple executions with and without admin privileges, Vital is still stuck on 1.07.

Look at your DAW settings and look at the search path settings for the plugins VST, VST3 and CLAP.
If the following exists in all of those paths, delete them all.
Vital vst3
Vital clap
Restart your DAW and confirm that Vital is no longer available.
Please install the new version.