Struggling to install pack into Ableton

Hi I bought this today:
1x BUNDLE - Vital Preset & MIDI Packs - 40% OFF - by Demis Hellen for £48.00 each
I can’t seem to install to work with Ableton 12
Probably because Im a complete beginner with all things DAW step
Ive downloaded the free version of Vital and added a preset as part of the beginners course… but this pack has completely thrown me!
Grateful for ‘idiots guide’ to start using the pack

Does the pack come as a vital bank or just simply the folder?

You can manually add the folder of content in your normal vital location
(windows usually c://user/documents/Vital)

Otherwise if it’s a vital bank, open the standalone app and from the menu choose import bank, see if that works :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply… very grateful for the advice
I’ve sorted some of the files out… just trying to work out how to access the midi clips and one Vitalbank file that doesn’t want to import by the ‘normal route’!
I’m using a MacBook… so will look for where to add the folder in Vital
All the best

Midi clips will need a daw or another program to use! Vital won’t be able to do anything with them on its own

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