Strange buzzing noise in notes made using the sampler

So basically i am making a random note track using the sampler in Vital and sometimes the note is a buzzing noise that is not included in the sample at all. It must be some bug. Any explanation for it? Here is the audio file:

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I’m not really sure, the audio sounds cursed :skull:

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in case buzzing is at the start of the note try an envelope with longer attack on sampler volume. :slight_smile:

I found the fix to it, seems like the fact the sample was like 4 minutes long caused it. I cut it to 1 minute and now it didnt do the buzzing noise.


Hmm… in fact there’s a limit for the sample oscillator for playing upto 50 secs… loading long samples will stress your CPU…
Hope your issue is completely solved now :slight_smile::slightly_smiling_face:


Why don’t you use a DAW or sampler for such a long samples?

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